Thursday, August 14, 2014

To set the stage for the year: First Week

Ø  Introductions: Who are you? What’s your story?
          At the end of the year, you will write a college essay.
          In the meantime, you will write to find your "voice"

Ø  An example in self-guided learning: “Who was Pocahontas?
          You will create your own mini-lessons on individuals in American Literature.

Set up digital platforms:

Ø  Canvas – Learning Management System (LMS) AmLit 
Ø  Google Suite including G+, Gmail, Docs, Blogger, Moderator, Hangout
Ø Flipboard - will allow you to create and edit magazines of your writing 
Ø  New Twitter Handle (professional or pseudonym),
Ø  MOOC: Enroll in ModPo @Coursera (optional participation)
Flipgrid - will allow you share comments by recording videos.

Class Discussions:

Online Conversation: “Is Education the Civil Rights Issue of Our Time?”
“The Problem We All Live With” by Norman Rockwell (painting)

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